Multi-Use Carpet Maintenance

Whilst we will do our best to assist you with your day-to-day spills and accidents, prevention is always better than cure. That being said, here are our three basic ground rules for avoiding carpet mishaps:

The Three Golden Groundrules:

  1. Prevention is better than cure
  2. Regular care: vacuuming and stain removal
  3. Intensive cleaning

The Polypropylene fibres have the property of absorbing practically no moisture. This means that dirt liquid spilled do not penetrate fibres, thus most stains can easily be removed with ordinary cleaning products.

1. Prevention better than cure

You should avoid bringing dirt in from outside. So called dirt-buffers offer a good solution. They consist of a brush mat placed in front of a door and a dust mat of sufficient length in the entrance hall. The brush mat absorbs most of the dirt and the doormat ensures that fine dirt and moisture is removed from shoes. The mats should be fitted in such a way that anyone who enters the home is more or less forced to use them. Also remember that dark carpets show dirt and stains less than light carpets.

2. Regular care

Vacuuming: preferably use a vacuum cleaner with rotating brushes. They are more expensive, but are more efficient at removing dust and dirt. The frequency depends on the use and the degree of dirt in the carpet. Rooms or places with higher usage should be vacuumed more frequently. Stain removal: please read the instructions carefully and always remove the stains as quickly as possible.

3. Intensive cleaning

To preserve the quality and performance of your carpet, we recommend they are cleaned professionally on a regular basis. We recommend three possible cleaning methods, spray extraction, powder cleaning and shampooing. Here they are in more detail:

3.1 Extraction cleaning

Extraction cleaning is the best way to clean textile floor coverings. You can do this yourself by hiring a specialised extraction cleaning machine, however it is preferable to leave it to a professional who will be familiar with the treatment required for your type of carpet. Extraction cleaning uses pure water with added cleaning agents. Dirt is removed as the water is vacuumed out of the carpet. We recommend it be rinsed afterwards to ensure removal of any remaining cleaning agents.

3.2 Powder cleaning

This method uses dried powder. It is sprinkled on to the carpet and worked in. The surface dirt is absorbed by the cleaner. After evaporation the powder saturated with dirt is vacuumed. The advantage of this method is that there is no need for drying time. In principle it is possible to walk on the carpet during cleaning.

3.3 Shampooing

This method achieves an effective result through the combination of special shampoo, added air in the cleaning agent and a soft brushing mechanism. This creates a relatively dry micro- crystal foam which penetrates deep in to the dirt and gives excellent results. The shampoo cleans deeply without water, dries to a fine powder incorporating the dissolved dirt which is simply vacuumed after drying leaving no sticky residue.

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